Elegance Name Card Coming Soon !

Elegance Name Card or eNameCard
is a electronic business name card. You are freely to build, share and store your card. You can save paper, save tree and save our world.
Key Features :
  • Create your Name Card using either our templates or create yours.
  • Collect and share the cards among your friends.
  • Touch the card to call, send e-mail and open your contact's website.
  • Forget the bag full of cards and store them in your phone instead.
  How To :
  To create the name card, you can choose one of three methods; create from template, from photo album and from camera.
eNamecard   eNamecard menu
  To create from template, Firstly, enter the menu "NEW FROM TEMPLATE" then you can enter the information such as, name, contact information or template in the next page, then click "Done" button to finish create the card.
  Other way to create the card is to choose image from photo album by select menu "NEW FROM PHOTO ALBUM". By pick a picture you want to use as your card, then you can enter the information such as, name or contact information in the next page, then click "Done" button to finish create the card. You can also take actual picture as your card by select "NEW FROM CAMERA"
  After finish create the card, you can view a list of all card you have in "My Cards" page, by using bottom tab you can switch view from your card list to your friend's card list.
  You can view card details by simply touch a card in the list. When you are in the card's detail page, you can use these following function.
  • Make a phone call to card owner.
  • Send e-mail to card owner.
  • Open card owner's website.
  • Send card to your friend.
  • Receive card from your friend.
  You can also edit any card in your collection by press "edit" button at the top of screen, then select a card you want to edit. To delete a card just swipe your finger from left to right on a card you want to delete in edit mode.
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